Port of Šibenik

Published: Thursday 22 October 2015

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 Latitude: 43° 44' N
 Longitude: 15° 54' E
 Admiralty Chart: 1561
 Admiralty Pilot: 47
 Time Zone: GMT + 1 h
 Locode: HR SIB
AUTHORITY Harbour Master: Capt. Lakos Janes, Tel: +385 22 214261, Fax: +385 22 217378.
PFSO Marijan Petkovic, Tel: +385 22 213033, Fax: +385 22 212133, Mobile: +385 98 336574.
APPROACH Through Dvainka passage, minimum depth 23 m.
All vessels over 50 GT must apply for permission to enter the Sv. Ante channel.
Vessel may enter channel only when authorised by one green light on signalling station Jadria, VHF Channel 71.
Same regulation apply for leaving the port on signal station Rt Turanj.
ANCHORAGE Anchorage position: 43°38'3 N - 15°54'4 E.  
Anchorage between Prvic Island and the mainland for small ships only.
Temporary anchorage for Cruisers disembarking PAX on tenders during daylight at 43°42’ N - 15°5’ E.
PILOTAGE Harbour pilot compulsory for all vessels over 500 GT from entrance of the channel. 
Pilot boarding position 43°41,5' N - 15°52,1' E.
RADIO VHF Channels 12 and 16. Harbour Masters Office Channels 10 and 16.
WEATHER NW winds prevailing during summer and NE & SE during other seasons.
TIDE Max 0,60 m.
MAXvessel 50.000 DWT, 190 m loa, 10 m d.
ACCOMMOD Well sheltered harbour. Entrance through a channel 2.2 km long. Berthing Quays, 1625 m, depth 5.20-10 m. - On the NE of Vurnaza Bay is timber loading Quay Šipad 294 m long with 5-8 m (16’-16’) alongside.
- In the N part of Klobusak Bay is the Rogac Quay, 432 m long, 7-11m (33?) alongside. 2/7 t and 3/5 t cranes. Hydrants for fresh water supply.
- On the N coast of Dobrika Bay is Gat Vrulje Quay, It is trapezoidal and is used for loading ore, general cargoes, bags cargoes and bulk cargoes. The head of the quay has a length of 113 m with a depth of 7,2 m (23'6") alongside, the SE side of the quay has a length of 132 m with a depth of 9 m (29,5’) alongside. The NW side of the quay (RO-RO pier) has a length of 90 m with depths of 7-7,2 m alongside. The quay is provided with hydrants for water supply.
- From Gat Vrulje to inner bay is Dobrika Quay, 228 m long with a depth of 9,8 m (32’8") alongside. Equipped with 1/400 t cap unloader for Phosphates.
- In NW part of harbour there is Crnica Pier120 m long with depth of 7,5 m (24’6”) alongside. 1/8 t crane.
- Obala Hrvatske mornarice quay 444 m long with depths from 3-3,5 m (10-18’) for yachts.
STORAGE Warehouse space, 5.000 m2. Tank space 2.000 m3. Open storage 95.000 m2
WATER Available.
BULK Two berths, 10 m depth, shore cranes with grabs and open storage space of 20.000 m2. A phosphate terminal of 105.000 t cap with equipment for handling 4.000 t/day, depth 9,6 m (9,8 m using wooden distancers).
GARBAGE Garbage collected in plastic bags.
BUNKERS Diesel oil and Gas oil available in small quantities and with advance notice.
PROVISION ISSA members available.
REPAIR "Remontno brodogradiliste" - Fax (22) 333-505. Dock for vessels up to 1.500 DWT.
TOWAGE One 1200 hp tug available and compulsory for vessels over 2.500 DWT entering/leaving the port. For vessels over 20.000 DWT 2 tugs compulsory (one available from Split on advance notice).
IMPORTS-EXPORTS Imports: phosphates, potash. Exports: fertilisers, timber, clay.
MEDICAL Available
AIRPORT Split, 60 km.
WORKING HOURS Three shifts, 07:00-15:00, 15:00-23:00 and 23:00-07:00 only with grabs.
CARGO-WORKED Phosphates, 4.000 t/day. Timber, 200 m3/hatch/day. Fertilisers, 2.500 t/day.
STEVEDORES Port of Sibenik, Obala hrvatske mornarice 4, 22000 Sibenik, Tel: +385 22 213033, Fax: 212133.
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