Port of Ploče

Published: Thursday 22 October 2015

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 Latitude: 43° 02' N
 Longitude: 17° 5' E
 Admiralty Chart: 3675
 Admiralty Pilot: 47
 Time Zone: GMT +1 h
 Locode: HR PLE
Natural port located NW of the mouth of the Neretva river.
AUTHORITY Harbour Master: Capt. Ivo Matkovic, Tel/ Fax: +385 20 679008.
PFSO Capt. Ivan Maric Tel: +385 20 603184, Fax: +385 20 603184, Mobile: +385 98 9826999.
APPROACH The port is well sheltered, but SE and NE winds create hazards at Pier Nos. 3 and 5 respectively. To the S and SW of port lies the peninsula Peljesac, a natural breakwater. Entrance trough channel 0.8 km long. Free passage marked by buoys. Width 600 m, 10.97 m depth. Max draft 10.50 m.
ANCHORAGE Vessels are allowed to anchor W of the line which connects Konova cove on peninsula Peljesac with point Lat. 43°03' N, Long. 17°24' E on land coast. Depth over 25 m.
PILOTAGE Harbour pilotage compulsory for vessels over 500 GT, from the entrance of the channel to the berth. Pilot taken on 1500 m outside port.
RADIO Radio Split 2182 kHz and 2574 kHz, Radio Dubrovnik 2182 kHz and 2615 kHz.
MAX vessel 220 m LOA, 10.50 md. (expected to be 12,7 md in May 2002).
WEATHER Navigation through channel Vlaska is allowed during daylight only with the assistance of 2 tugs.
ACCOMMOD Berthing space for eleven ocean-going vessels. Bosanska Obala, 227 m long, two berths, 6.25 m and 9.45 Max d. Biokovska Obala, 368 m long, three berths, up to 9.75 Max d. Obala No. 3, 410 m long, three berths up to 9.75 Max d. Obala No. 5, 507 m long, three berths of 10.5 Max d. Specialised terminals for bulk and liquid cargoes, timber and livestock. Modern railway connections to Sarajevo, Budapest, Prague and Bucharest. Excellent road connections to hinterland and all parts of the country.
STORAGE 70.000 m2 of covered storage, 300.000 m2 of open storage, 50.000 m2 timber shed.
CRANES One floating crane of 100 t cap, three auto cranes of 25 t capacity and one auto crane of 50 t cap, 50 forklifts and 15 cranes of 5-10 t cap.
WATER Available
CONT_RORO A forklift of 35 t cap assists container handling.
BULK A new bulk cargo terminal for grain, capacity 40.000 t, average rate 400 t/h, bagging rate 1000 bags/h, with automatic weighing. Grain, ores and minerals by shore cranes equipped with grabs at quays no. 3 & 5. Grain through feeders to railcars. Alumina silos 20.000 t cap quay no. 1, length 140 m, Max draft 9,15 m. Coal handled by 4/10 t travelling cranes, outreach 30 m, grab capacity 3 cbm, average rate 150 t/hour.
TANKER One new berth, 10.5 m Max d, 27 m Max beam, with tank storage for heavy fuel oil, special chemical products and petroleum. Mooring and unmooring during daylight hours only.
Lounch boat and oil spill booms compulsory.
SLOP acceptance not available.
BUNKERS Available only by trucks.
PROVISION ISSA members available.
REPAIR Minor repairs only by TEHNODELTA, 58340 Ploce, Tel: +385 20 671041.
TOWAGE Two fire-fighting tugs (each 1200 HP) are compulsory at the tanker berth.
MEDICAL Nearest hospital at Dubrovnik 110 km or Split 110 km.
AIRPORT Dubrovnik 140 km, Split 140 km.
RAILWAY close to the port.
WORKING HOURS 06:00-14:00, 14:00-22:00 excluding Sundays & Holidays
STEVEDORES Luka Ploce, Trg kralja Tomislava 21, 20340 Ploce, tel. +385 20 679220, Fax: +385 20 679836, Telex: 26236.
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